WebApi for Biometric Machines


CAMS supports the Web API for the the biometric machines which can be integrated with a website or any internet web application. It provides RESTful APIs and Callback API for various operations with biometric machines. Lets see one by one

Attendance API: Get Attendance Record

An HTTP(port:80) or HTTPS(port:443) URL should be exposed from your sever and submited wiht us. We associate the URL with the machine at cams data server. Once the URL is associated, whenever the attendance gets registered, the submitted URL will be called automatically. Now user can maintain the records in their database and use them for generating reports.

The URL will be called whenever a new attendance gets registered with the following parameters in POST

  • stgid->service tag id, means machine id,
  • userid->numerical user id
  • att_time->timestamp of attendance date & time
  • att_type-> i/o ==> i for check in, and o for check out

The URL should return "ok" in the response once it processed the attendance record. If "ok" is not returned, the URL will be called every time again and again with the same attendance records. If the URL's web server is down, the attendance records will try to reach the URL in every 30 seconds.

Management API: Add User

RESTful APIs for adding users in the machine, will be provided as per the discussion with the customer

Management API: Update User

RESTful APIs for updating user name in the machine, will be provided as per the discussion with the customer

Management API: Delete User

RESTful APIs for deleting users from the machine, will be provided as per the discussion with the customer

Attendance API: Get Attendance Record - Custom Format

If you have a system already running which accepts the attendance in different format or you have different biometric machine already running with you, then please write the details to sales@camsunit.com and check how can they be integrated.

How communication between machine and your web aplication happens?

Machines are tightly couple with cams data server. Attendance information from machine will be updated to your server through cams data server. Adding or removing users in the machine shall be triggered through APIs exposed by the data server and, the data server will communicate with the machine and sends the response back to your server


The following questions are handled positively by our API

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Write sales@camsunit.com for availing the APIs support for CAMS Machines.

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