Javascript Enabled Fingerprint Reader/Scanner

Reading fingerprints from scanners and manage them from the web page is a nightmare to developers. CAMS offers the end-to-end online SDK or Web API solutions to our clients who can use our APIs to implement the web based fingerprint login, web based fingerprint attendance system and etc. Using our api, biometric fingerprint scanners or readers can be integrated with the web application through the simple javascript changes. It just needs couple of mins to integrate the biometric scanner with your web application. More details are shared in the below documentation.

You can develop you server with any language such as NodeJs, Python, Ruby on Rails, PERL, Hack, Erlang, XHP, Haskell, Go, R, Scala, C++, JAVA/JSP, .Net (C#/VB.Net) and etc. Server language is not a parameter for enabling fingerprint reader from your website. All the operations are handled at the Javascript code level.

Who wants to read this page?

This page is applicable for people who falls in the following requirements

  1. If you are looking for fingerprint scanner to read the fingerprint from your website
  2. If you are looking for fingerprint web site login
  3. If you are looking for fingerprint attendance system at your website

Looking for online API for integrating biometric attendance system with web application?

Then you may need to refer the Web API for Biometric Attendance documentation.

How to do the setup?

Once the fingerprint scanner is plugged into the USB drive, the respective driver will be installed automatically. If it is not installed automatically, then while trying to capture the fignerprint from web page, it will return a error code which you can handle for dispalying error message on the page to download the driver file to install.

Web API or Online SDK for fingerprint reader integration with website

Following javascipt operations has to be called for their respective opeartions to be perfomed by the scanner.

  1. Capture - return a json object with fingerprint template and PNG fingerprint image
  2. Compare - returns the score from 0% to 100% between given two fingerprint templates

You would be provided the sample html file once the API is purchased, using which you can capture the fingerprint templates, display the images and compare the captured templates. This file can be modified according to your need and added with your own project.

Following the is the jQuery code snippet from the sample file.

var returnPNGImage = true; // returns PNG image along with the template. Setting it to false, returns only template
var apiKey="To be generated from CAMS API Monitor";

capture(apiKey, returnPNGImage);

function onCaptureSuccess(data)
	var plainData = data;
	//write the program to decrypt if security key is set in API monitor for the scanner

	var scannerData = getScannerSuccessData(plainData);

	var template = scannerData.template;
	var pngImageContent = "data:image/png;base64," + scannerData.image;


function onCaptureFailure(data)
	var failureData = getScannerFailureData(data);
	var erroString = failureData.errorString;

function onCompareSuccess(data)
	var plainData = data;
	//write the program to decrypt if security key is set in API monitor for the scanner

	var scannerData = getScannerSuccessData(plainData);
	var matchingScore = scannerData.matchScore;

function onCompareFailure(data)
	var failureData = getScannerFailureData(data);
	var erroString = failureData.errorString;

function capture captures the fingerprint template and image. Once the capture is success then onCaptureSuccess event is getting triggered, otherwise onCaptureFailure is getting triggered. function compare comapares given two fingerprint templates and triggeres onCompareSuccess event with comparison score. API key should be passed to the function. This an can be generated from API Monitor

API Monitor

For all the services purcased, API Monitor login shall be provided, where the configurations such as Auth Token, Security Key, etc can be configured to every device. You can generate the API Key here. Any change you make in the configuration, API key should be regenerated and the same should be used in the scanner APIs. if you configure security key, all the data from the biometric device to your server would encrpted the configured security key on AES-256 algorithm. You need to make sure to decrypt data once received through onCompareSuccess/onCaptureSuccess events.


Please note that, this is a working in basic communication model. If you configure the security key in API monitor, then all the date from scanner to your web page will be encrypted Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) algorithm with the configured secuirty key. Otherwise, plain JSON object will be return from the scanner to the web page. We can enhance the security to the various level to the various level, if customer wants.


As every application is unique, we are open to provide the customized to solution to the clients. Customization can be done at API side, or at the web site integration with enhanced security features

Hardware - Fingerprint Scanner

CAMS MFS100(A) is a recommended hardware for this project. Refer the specification at

web based fingerprint scanner


The fingerprint matching ratio is 1:1. The mathcing will be done on the scanner. We offer 1:N matching with server level which is a seperate feature from this suite, in future. Atleast .Net Framwork 3.5 mandatory.

No Browser Dependency

All the browsers which supports HTML and Javascript shall be used. Since, all the browsers are supporting HTML and Javascript, No browser dependency for using this integration suite with your web application

Supported OS

Your server application can be hosted on any OS. But connecting the scanner from client computeer would work only if their OS is any of Windows versions tha includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and etc.

Video: How to Integrate Fingerprint Scanner with Website Through Javascript?

Cost Details

The scanner license is yearly based. Every scanner is required a license which needs to be renewed every year.

Service/Product USD INR
Activation Charge 60/scanner
40/scanner while scanner count is >=5
30/scanner while count is >=15
20/scanner while count is >=50
10/scanner while count is >=100
2,400/scanner while count is >=5
1,800/scanner while count is >=15
1,200/scanner while count is >=50
600/scanner while count is >=100
Scanner License 40/scanner/year
35/scanner while count is >=5
30/scanner while count is >=15
25/scanner while count is >=50
20/scanner while count is >=100
2,100/scanner while count is >=5
1,800/scanner while count is >=15
1,500/scanner while count is >=50
1,200/scanner while count is >=100
Developer Support (Optional) As per the level of support
Supported Scanner CAMS-MFS100(A) - Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Compare Fingerprint at Server

Comparing the fingerprint at server level can be done through the RESTful API we provide. The cost to be based on the number of calles per day/month. The comparison can be done as 1:1 and 1:N.
RESTful service call Ratio USD per month INR per month
150 calls per day 1:1 Free Free
500 calls per day 1:1 15 1000
1000 calls per day 1:1 27 1750
10000 calls month 1:1 15 1000
20000 calls per month 1:1 27 1750
100 calls per day 1:N 15 1000
500 calls per day 1:N 45 3000
1000 calls per day 1:N 75 5000
10000 calls per month 1:N 45 3000
20000 calls per month 1:N 75 5000

N is subject to maximum of 100 templates. Ration takes about the comparison pattern. 1:1 means, every call you can compare one template with another. 1:N means, at every call, you can compare one template with N templates. For more comparisons, beyond what is covered above, can be discussed with The free calls provided are based on the number of scanners you buy from us. For every scanner 150 calls per day are free.