The System registers the attendances of students and staffs automatically and made available in downloadable/printable reports with real time data. Hourly based automatic attendance too is made possible. The system triggers automatic SMS messages to the parents once they reached/left the school/college. As the machines can easily be carried in the hand, it can be fixed in Vans, and instant SMS to be triggered to the parents once students boarded on the van and van reaches the school. Admin will also know the attendances in every vehicle with real time data.

Schools can be upgraded with the Long Range attendance system, where students will just walk in the school and attendance will be registered automatically. Even attendances will be registered for the students who are sitting inside the van which is entered into the school entrance. The units can be fixed in Library to know the time spent of every student in the library, can be fixed in canteen to know the students who have taken the food and it can be fixed in various places for various purposes and their respective reports. The system is powered by for educational attendance management.

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Units can be installed in various locations such as pharmacy, operation theatre, reception, departments, floors, entrance and exit. Reports can be made available such as available doctors, nurses, specialists of every department, and etc. It gives the report of time spent by doctors, nurses, surgeons in OT. The App gives the reports to know the doctors available, who have just left, who will be available in the next few minutes of time and many reports as you wish.

The App enables to call a doctor for emergency or leave an emergency message to the doctors. Doctors can set the Do Not Disturb, Sleeping, Out Of Station, in OT and many statues in their App, and which will be made available to the applicable people. The app also allows for mapping the out patients to the doctors and doctors will be able to know the number of patients waiting for him/her.


Productivity monitoring is the important factor in to the production unit. Our system provides the fingerprint attendance system to record all the employees' attendances. Admin/HR is not enabled to monitor the attendance reports department wise such as Engineering, Sales, R&D and etc.

This monitoring system facilitates the running screen with live attendance reports, including late comer, people on leave and on permission. Also, if the employees are not coming with permitted time during the work, their attendance will be marked as absent automatically.

Any chain of offices

Has the geographical location been a barrier for having an integrated attendance system? No worries; just have our system installed. With no special software or additional hardware, you should be able to get the complete attendance reports from every branch of your company. Our system ensures that the report you get is always real time.

Reports will be available as branch wise, floor wise, department wise, shift wise, and etc. Leave management, Permission management and Holiday Planner are integrated with regular package.

Sales/Marketing Executives

Tracking the executive presence in the customer place is a nightmare in almost all the industries. Our system enables best attendance system for solving this problem. Mobile app provided to the executives; once the executives completed their visit with one customer place, then they just need to feed a visit note.

Now, the management will be able to see the complete report of executive visits every day with GPS Geo-position with exact time. The executive cannot cheat the system without going to the customer place.

Public attendance

Conducting a public function, job fair, expos, events and registering their genuine names are cumbersome jobs. But it can be done with just a finger print. The CAMS provides an attendance system which collects the fingerprint and connects with Aadhaar server and pull all genuine data. This attendance system can also be used to make sure no unwanted people are participating the event.

Transport unit

Our system gives a simple and low cost solution to the transport companies to record their vehicles' IN/OUT time in their fixed points. And alerts the management if the there is any delay in reaching and leaving a location. It also shares the message to the passengers about their vehicle's real time position. The best part is, the cost is same irrespective of the number of vehicles.

Management will be able to get the complete report of their vehicles with their reached time of destination points, waiting time at each destination point with real time data in App or in Web.

Construction unit

Huge number of workers will be working in bigger construction units. Some people will receive daily wages and some receive weekly wages. Hence the recoding the exact IN time and OUT time of every employee is highly important and critical. The time keeper will record the timings, end of the day time keeper will send the report to management, and management will review the IN/OUT time every day before they dispatch the wages. We can see bigger manual works and loopholes here.

CAMS eases the process and gives the best solution. We provide complete wireless attendance machine which can be kept in the entrance and workers can register their attendance. The moment they register their attendance, the management can see the number of worker present and their IN time/OUT time in their mobile app and web app. Reports can be downloaded in excel and pdf format too. The wages calculation also can be attached to the attendance system. Machines can be charged whenever possible. Without power supply, it can work for 4 hours.