About Us

CAMS, from Dheeram Innovations Private Limited, is the pioneer and global leader in Biometric Research and Development. CAMS has been trusted by various corporate and government organizations across the globe. It offers the Web based API and cloud solutions to the biometric attendance and access control machines for integrating them with Web Application directly.

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Our amazing Features

World's first cloud enabled attendance system. CAMS (Centralized Attendance Monitoring System) connects office from various cities across the globe and provides the completely custom packed report with role based authorization.

Web Based Reports

Employees are allowed to give attendance by self in web/app. Admin/HR can create a network fencing to restrict them to give attendance in office network.

Mobile App Supported

The only system exists in the market provides Fingerprint based attendance with mobile app support. Flexible groups can be created and reports can be viewed by groups/individuals/branches and more. It enables Missed Call based attendance, APP based attendance and Web based attendance as per the suitable situations.

Leave Management

Employees can apply leave under various categories through web/app. Superior can approve/reject from web/app. Attendance reports will reflect accordingly.

Permission Management

Employees can be given permission through web/app. Employees' attendance can be marked as absent when permitted time is not honored.

Web/App Based Attendance

Attendance given in machine with RFID or Fingerprint or Facial Recognition will be made instantly available in the cloud. Authorities can view the instant report or download them sitting anywhere in the world.

Roster Management

Schedule the shifts to employees. CAMS will take care of creating next week schedule automatically based on previous week

Branch Management

Add more branches. Allow/restrict employees to the branches from cloud account.

Some of the primary features...

  1. Plug and Play model bio-metric attendance machine, which you can transfer to any place, any time, and no software installation/setup is required, hence no computer is required
  2. You would be given a web (www.camsunit.com) control panel, which allows admin to manage the machines and their locations to install; and allows to watch the real time attendances of all the employees from all the branches, across the globe.
  3. Every employee would be provided an individual login account, which they can use for watching their attendance reports.
  4. Android mobile app to be provided to everyone, including admin and non-admin. The App will give their attendance reports for the employee and detailed reports for admins
  5. Reports can be viewed branch-wise, team-wise, department-wise, shift-wise, floor-wise and etc., and downloaded as PDF/TXT/EXCEL/CSV file anytime anywhere
  6. In/Out, Present/Absent/Late/Over-Duty/On-Duty/On Permission reports are made available
  7. Reports include the monthly time-spent/late/over-time/leaves taken/absent/present/half-a-day and more reports
  8. The system comes Leave Management System, where employee can apply leave in app/web, and manger can approve/reject the leave online
  9. You will get Permission Management System, which allows granting permission to your employee in hours. Employee using beyond permitted hours will be marked as absent automatically
  10. Holiday Planner allows scheduling the holidays at branch level which will be made available to employees automatically as per their branch.
  11. Shift Management allows to managing the shifts to the employees automatically, and biometric attendance will be marked as per the shift timing.
  12. Automatic In/Out, Present/Absent/Late/Over-Duty/On-Duty/On Permission/ Reports
  13. Mobile alert to every employee while they register their attendance. Mobile alert to HR/Manager when their employees come by late.
  14. Field employee attendance recording with their GPS location, HR can review the geo position of their employee and make it as absent/present.

Quick overview of the Cloud features

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A right attendance system imposes the punctuality to employees and ensures maximized productivity time and offers the best integrated permission and leave management operations irrespective of any geographical locations. Unfortunately, no such systems exist in the market, which helps the management to manage their employees' attendance with handy devices.

CAMS offers fully automated advanced attendance system, which is built with 2P Technology, which comes along with web based management and mobile app control panel where the head of the organization will be able to get the instant reports of all the branches from any geographical location.

CAMS revolutionizes the traditional system into modern that are suitable for any industry such as Schools, IT Companies, Restaurants, Retail chains, All small scale industries and etc. CAMS supports RFID based attendance and all the bio-metric attendance such as Fingerprint, Retina, Facial, Voice, Palm, and Password. Attendance can also be registered with just walking near 30mt radius (UHF) designed with latest NFC technology.

The system enables zero connection setup for installation. Attendance machines can be easily relocated across the cities without any setup change. CAMS gives the reports integrating the machines installed in various branches/locations from across the globe. Reports will include history for individuals and teams with their In time, Out time, Time Spent, Over Time Spent and etc. This system also includes the App based Leave Management, Permission Management and Holiday Planner. More Products

How our System Works!

Integrated Permission & Leave Management, CAMS (Centralized Attendance Monitoring System) connects multiple cities across the world