Integration of ZKTeco Biometric machine with web application/server

It is a big problem that we have biometric machines but we are unable to integrate them with our websites directly. The problem is resolved. CAMS gives you the Web based callback API by which you can integrate the biometric machines with you website successfully. Check API details at: WebAPI. Now, you dont need to maintain a separate software only for attendance purpose.

Our API is extended to support some of the products from some of the brands such as ZKTeco, ESSL and etc.,.

Please note that, though we have listed some of the brands as supported, there are very much possible that devices may not work with our API. So, If you buy the models from the supported brands, make sure if you can integrate your machines with our API.

To check, if your machine can be integrated with your web application, with the help of our web api, test your machine at . Once verified you need to buy the protocol update service and then respective API services for the complete integration.

contact for more information.