Cams Biometrics R10i7 - Powerful Multi Biometric Attendance and Access Control System i7 is a newly introduced time attendance & access control terminal driven by Computer Vision technology for 3-in-1 contactless fingerprint, face and palm recognition which offers simultaneous scanning of a palm print, palm vein and palm shape for unparalleled user identification. The device also supports other biometric attributes such as fingerprint and face. The device offers a powerful anti-spoofing feature for palm vein and palm print authentication. In addition, the reliability is further enhanced by CAMS advanced multi-biometric algorithm. The novel hand tracking technique offers touch-free palm print and vein recognition eliminating any hygiene concerns as well as the need for displaying palm at a particular angle and position enabling rapid user identification.

Supports as high as 12000 face, 20000 fingerprint and 6000 palm templates. High reliability with multi-mode palm recognition Promotes hygiene with touch-free user authentication Next level of anti-spoofing algorithm Outstanding performance & superfast verification Multi-biometric user identification Effortless palm verification at multiple angles
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R10i7 - Powerful Multi Biometric Attendance and Access Control System

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