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Syrius (S31) - Standalone Fingerprint Attendance System (No API support)

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It is a best standalone biometric device in the world. No software support required. The reports can be viewed and downloaded through USB pen drive.

It supports 1000 fingerprint, and optional 1000 id cards (125khz). It maintains up to 200,000 attendance logs. It does not support any software, API, cloud or any communication with comptuer.

Products Features:
Attendance Shift Setting:
  • As days, weeks, months to set the attendance
  • Support work in&out, relay, overtime setting
  • Support holiday, weekend and leaving setting
  • Support retroactive setting
  • High resolution ratio LCD shows employee name, fingerprint image. T9 input too register the employee name in the attendance device. Languages supported:English/Spanish/Turkish/Arabic/Thai/French and more

    USB Pen driver store data
    • USB pen driver download the reports in Excel or TXT file
    • USB Pen driver download or upload employee details for easy editing
    • USB Pen driver download or upload attendance shift setting

    • Attendance Exports
    • Auto generate reports in Excel or TXT file
    • Both raw data and statistic data reports



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