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CAMS-MFS100(A) - Biometric Fingerprint Scanner with Javascript API Supported (Lifetime API License)

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CAMS-MFS100(a) is a high-quality USB fingerprint sensor for fingerprint authentication for web applications. It is accessible through web pages with plain JavaScript support, for web-based fingerprint login, web-based fingerprint attendance system, and more.

Available APIs:

  • Capture: Captures the fingerprint and returns the fingerprint, template, image, and quality score of the fingerprint.
  • Compare: Compares two fingerprint templates and returns the matching score.

As part of this purchase, you would get the sample HTML file which you can use for testing the API functionalities. We are liable for fixing any issue if you encounter in the same file. Once successfully tested, you can modify the code as per your business needs.

It works in the local network, hence, it doesn't require any internet connection. The API will not communicate with any other server apart from your own web page where the API call is triggered from.

It is an enriched version of Mantra-MFS100. Its optical sensing technology efficiently recognizes poor-quality fingerprints. It can be used for web-based authentication, identification, and verification functions that let your fingerprint act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten, or stolen. The hard optical sensor is resistant to scratches, impact, vibration, and electrostatic shock.

The Resolution is 500 DPI / 256 gray, and the sensing area is 15 x 17 mm. Template supports ISO19794-2 and ANSI-378 optionally. STQC, CE, FCC, RoHS, IEC60950 Certified.

It supports all Windows platforms (32bit/64bit). CAMS is actively working on R&D for making it support Linux, Android, and iOS in the future.

The API and communications provided with CAMS-MFS100(a) can be customized to meet specific requirements. This customization allows you to tailor the functionality and communication of the fingerprint sensor according to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates into your web application or system. Please note that customization may incur an additional cost.

Note: The API documentation is available at Web API Documentation. The following video will help you understand the working behavior and code changes required for integrating it with your own code.





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