CAMS FleetBio31 - Advanced Automobile Biometric Starter by Fingerprint This fingerprint starter gives the secured handling of any automobiles by allowing only authorized persons to start the vehicles such as forklift, lorry, car, bus, truck and etc,. It is also known as Forklift Biometric Controller System.

It can be used with any light/heavy duty vehicles running with 12-24v battery. No more circuits or controller you need additionally to fix this unit into your automobile.

Biometric device is waterproof with IP67 rate. Controller is not waterproof. So, controller should be kept in safe place. A basic report can be downloaded using (usb) pen drive from the device.

FleetBio32: FleetBio31 and 32 are same devices, but, FleetBio32 sends the data about who started and when started, to the server on real time. FleetBio32 has two variations for communicating with server. One comes with WIFI supported. One comes with GPRS/3G/4G support. The data comes to the server can be captured by our server application. The API documentation is available at Click Here for WEB API Documentation. Regarding the cost, share your requirement at whatsapp: +91-98409-81006 and get the cost details based on your requirement.

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FleetBio31 - Advanced Automobile Biometric Starter by Fingerprint

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