Cams Biometrics Odoo Standard Edition - Realtime Biometric Attendance Management

This module allows integration of the biometric attendance system with the Odoo server on a real-time basis. This module helps to simplify the attendance tracking process by eliminating the need for software or a desktop setup. The only requirement is that the device should be connected online at all times to ensure seamless communication.

To download and use this module, it can be obtained for free from the Odoo Biometric App. Additionally, there is a YouTube video available that provides an overview of the features supported in the module, which can be viewed to gain a better understanding of the functionality.

It's important to note that to use this module with real-time biometric communication, you must purchase an API for the Odoo Standard Edition module. If you are not using a CAMS device, you must purchase the Protocol Update to enable the web API for your devices.

Overall, this module is a valuable tool for businesses looking to simplify their attendance tracking process by integrating biometric systems with their Odoo server. It can be easily downloaded and used with the right API and protocol updates.

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Odoo Standard Edition - Realtime Biometric Attendance Management

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