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Cams Protocol Update - Web API for ZkTeco, eSSL, BioMax, Identix, and more Biometric Attendance Systems

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The Cams Protocol Update offers a solution for seamlessly integrating your biometric devices with web applications. With the Cams Protocol update, you can enable an API for your biometric attendance devices to integrate them seamlessly with your web server applications. Our API supports a wide range of biometric products from top brands like ZKTeco, ESSL, Identix, BioMax, and more.

To ensure API support for your biometric device, please follow these steps:
Visit and provide basic information about your biometric device. Follow the connection settings instructions carefully on the website to establish communication between the biometric device and our BOT. Once the connection is successful, you'll receive instructions for tasks like adding a user, recording a punch, deleting a user, and more. Follow these instructions until you receive a "verified" message. Any device has ADMS / WDMS / Inbuilt WebServer / IP-Communication feature can be used for verifying here.

It's important to note that the protocol update is a paid service between us and the manufacturer and cannot be transferred to another device once updated. If you're unsure about device compatibility, contact our technical team on WhatsApp at +91-98409-21006.

The cost of the protocol update can vary, ranging from $100 to $300, depending on your device and specific requirements. In addition to the Protocol Update, the API service requires a purchase that includes a one-time activation cost and a yearly license cost.

Before purchasing our service, it's essential to verify your device's compatibility. We strongly recommend ensuring compatibility before making a purchase, as we cannot provide refunds if the device is found to be unsupported after the purchase. Verifying compatibility beforehand will help prevent any inconvenience.

Learn more about our supported API in our Web API Documentation.





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