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CAMS™ is the pioneer and global leader in Biometric R&D. CAMS offers the Web API to the biometric attendance devices, biometric access control devices, fingerprint scanners, finger vein scanners, iris scanners for integrating with Web Application. Our biometric industrial automation solutions includes biometric vehicle starter, fleet biometrics, automobile biometrics, biometric vending machine, fingerprint power switch, fingerprint controlled ATM machine and more.

Biometric Attendance Cloud API

Attendance API helps to receive the real time biometric attendance from biometric device to your server through RESTful URL. Hence, your biometric cloud solutions would always have realtime biometric data
Management API helps to manage users in the biometric device from the remotely installation application.
It is also called online biometric SDK which helps to communicate the biometric devices directly from web server. Read more...

CAMS Biometric Attendance API
CAMS Fingerprint Scanner API

Fingerprint Reader API

Height of biometric technology is connecting the scanners from web pages. Our Javascript API captures and compares the fingerprint or iris data. The fingerprint reader provides ISO standard templates enhances the identity management solutions.

The biometric software deployed at server can be developed in any language such as NodeJs, Python, Ruby on Rails, PERL, Hack, Erlang, XHP, Haskell, Go, R, Scala, C++, JAVA/JSP, .Net (C#/VB.Net) and etc. Read more...

Automobile Biometric API

Biometric trend has been set to next level by Fleet or Automobile or Forklift biometric API. Drivers' biometric can be assigned from the server, if required. Server gets notified when driver starts the automobile vehicle by biometric or stops the vehicle by biometric or simply turns off the engine.

Our existing biometric solutions has been successfully integrated with Biometric ATM, Biometric Vending Machine, Biometric Power switch and etc. Read more...

Fleet or Automobile or Forklift Biometric API

UHF Reader Web API

Our advanced biometric technology is extended to support online api to the UHF Reader, Boom Barrier, Flap Barrier, Turnstile and more. Irrespective of the uhf reader distance which may vary from 5m to 80m, our web api helps to communicate them through RESTful API from the remote web application.

Online API and SDK is provided even with custom made hardware products. Read more...

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Cloud API Category

All of our Biometric APIs provided are completely online and cloud based. Fingerprint API, Finger Vein API, IRIS API, Palm API, RFID API, UHF API, Boom Barrier API and more are available. Our biometric technology facilitates various APIs for implementing biometric cloud solutions with identity management.

Biometric Attendance API

Receive the real time attendance data from remotely installed biometric device to your server. And add, delete, block, move users in the device from your remote application. Learn more...

Fingerprint Scanner API

Capture and compare the fingerprint images from the Javascript functions. Supports all the browsers and all variation of the Windows operation systems. Learn more...

UHF Reader API

Get your server application notified whenever a student/employee walks inside the school/office premises on real time basis and Control UHF device from remote applications. Learn more...

Standard ERP Application Integration

Integrate biometric attendance with various ERP, HR, CRM applications such Zoho, ERPNext, SAP, Odoo, and more cloud systems without any development effort. Learn more...

Biometric Controlled Machinery

Allow only authorized persons to start the Forklift, Telehandler, Side Loader, Stacker, Truck, Lorry, Car and all kind of hydraulics and automobiles by fingerprint, face, palm and etc. Learn more...

Biometric Products

All kind of biometric time and attendance devices, access control devices, time clock devices with POE enabled, GPRS enabled, UHF, Camera attached and more are available. Learn more...

Web API Supported biometric attendance and access control devices
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