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Cams Biometrics™ is at the forefront of Biometric Research and Development, offering a cutting-edge Web API designed for seamless integration with various biometric devices, including attendance systems, access control devices, and scanners. Our solutions extend to biometric vehicle starters, fleet management, automobile security, vending machines, and more. All our Biometric APIs are cloud-based, providing secure access to features such as Fingerprint, Finger Vein, Iris, Palm, RFID, UHF, and Boom Barrier APIs, enabling advanced identity management and cloud-based solutions.



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Universal Biometric API 3.0

Receive real-time attendance data from remotely installed biometric devices to your server, and manage user functions such as adding, deleting, blocking, and moving users within the device through your remote application. Learn more...


Capture accurate latitude and longitude coordinates in real-time while recording punch-ins for employees/students in moving vehicles, ensuring precise location tracking for efficient workforce management and attendance monitoring. Learn more...

Asset Tracking API

Receive real-time data upon detecting assets or students, even from high-speed detection machines handling up to 500 detections per second. Ensure precise tracking in dynamic environments for efficient monitoring and management. Learn more...

ERP Integration Modules

Integrate biometric attendance seamlessly with popular ERP, HR, and CRM applications including Zoho, ERPNext, SAP, Odoo, and other cloud systems effortlessly, requiring no additional development effort. Learn more...

Control Machinery through API

Facilitate secured and controlled operation of power switches, vending machines, forklifts, trucks, cars, and any hydraulic and automotive equipment by enabling access exclusively for authorized ones Learn more...

Fingerprint Scanner API

Capture and compare fingerprint images using JavaScript functions. Ensure compatibility with all browsers and all variations of the Windows operating systems. Learn more...

Web API Supported biometric attendance and access control devices

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